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Olympiads Booster Program

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Only perfect practice can make you perfect.

Want to become a Champion in Olympiads?

Want to understand concepts clearly?

Want to get mentored by faculties expert in Olympiads?

Want to improve yourself on trick questions?

Why Reynott Olympiad Helper Program?

Program highlights

  • Topic-wise learning via LIVE online classes
  • Specially designed Olympiad practice papers
  • Step by step solution of each question
  • Ask an expert
  • Chapter wise test
  • Sample and mock test
  • Covers almost all major Olympiads
  • Subjects : Science, Mathematics, English

Topic-wise learning via LIVE online classes

Our Live Classes and E-learning courses are designed to provide the training you need when you need it. They are the ultimate in convenience and affordability. The classroom experience in Live Classes is appreciated by students a lot.

Step by Step solution of each question

Descriptive or detailed answers will be provided for difficult questions.

At times it happens that you want more explanation of a particular question. In this case, we will provide you with extra sessions by the individual subject experts.

Ask an Expert

As our services are completely online, it enables us to be easily accessible. Communication tools allow students to send feedback on the training. Students also have the option to ask the questions related to their course from the experts directly.

Chapter-wise test

The biggest challenge for the students appearing in Olympiad Exams is that these exams are conducted in the mid-session. So the students do not get adequate time for preparation. With the help of the “Chapter-wise test”, students can know where they stand by taking tests after each chapter.

Sample test

There are multiple Olympiad exams throughout the year. Although they cover almost the same syllabus, they have slight differences in the question pattern, number of questions, and marking scheme. To help our students get good ranks, we will provide sample question papers for the practice of different Olympiads.

Online Programs Course Details



Course Commencement

October 1st Week

Course Completion

November 4th Week

Duration of program

Two Months

Two class for each Subject  per week

Class Schedule

Program Fee

Rs. 1000  each Subject

Our Students are Our Pride

Ruhaan Chopra

Navjay Singh

Ananya Chopra

NTSE (Stage I)

and many more...

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